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View airlines articles from Southern Points, covering frequent flyer miles, credit cards, and hotel points. Find deals and discounts, discover trends, and even free travel. Be sure to return often to get helpful in-depth analysis, reviews, and useful reference guides for points and miles travel. Where do you see yourself traveling this year? A points and miles strategy can help you get there. Many sites share travel advice and deals but write from the perspective of people who live in large cities with major airport hubs. The purpose of Southern Points is to fill this void in part, covering travel from the heartland of America and finding the best deals from wherever you’re departing – even regional airports! In addition, credit card rewards are an important part of a points and miles strategy and are included in the analysis of this site. Southern Points also digs deep into international travel experiences, travel across the Southern U.S., departing from regional airports, and destinations in America’s heartland. Follow along for more Southern Points adventures!

75 members of the Baylor Men’s Choir performed “The Coconut Song” for an Emirates flight crew at 30,000 feet.

VIDEO: Baylor Men’s Choir Performs on Emirates Flight

As a thank you for their experience, members of the Baylor Men’s Choir performed “The Coconut Song” for an Emirates flight crew. Watch the video.
Delta's mobile app update brings turn-by-turn directions to the palm of your hand.

Delta’s mobile app update helps travelers navigate airports

Delta’s mobile app update allows travelers to breeze through airports like experts with turn-by-turn navigation. Learn more.